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The Guardian: Is Donald Trump an authoritarian? tl;dr – yeah, pretty much

Northstar’s Imperial Porter

(P.S. I’ve started using Untappd, too; cgraysontx if you’re on there)

view from the balcony
#OtelloATX 🎵

the show before the show, a “staged concert” performance of Otello, with the orchestra & choir right onstage with @austinopera performers 🎵

DVR set: Janelle Monáe on Austin City Limits. looks like a similar set as what she performed at ACLFest; looking forward to seeing it again 🎵

SNL: HuckaPM

“People are always asking me, “how do you sleep at night?” In fact they scream it at me all day long.”

Gin & Tacos, on why I’m sad:

“You wanted to see some evidence that corruption, venality, bigotry, and proud ignorance are deal-breakers for the vast majority of Americans. And now you’re sad because it’s obvious that they aren’t.”

that Texas movie last night, where a band of smart, scrappy, & charming upstarts took on the status quo and up against long odds took on a bunch of greedy & unpleasant villains who’d cheated their way into power, well, #spoiler but that ending really sucked

too real: SNL on anticipating a blue wave 🌊

Boulevard’s Bourbon Barrel Quad

just finished The Sisters Brothers, a book I liked so much the first time that I not only intended to reread it, I actually did! Just in time for the movie to be gone from theaters, lol/sob. but what a great book, I enjoyed it as much as I remembered. 📚

went out canvassing with the missus this morning in northwest Austin, & then who do we see doing the same at our neighbor’s this afternoon but @manton himself 💪🗳🇺🇸

@ Epoch Coffee for NaNoWriMo, day 1
(kind of; going for 50 hours of revision rather than 50,000 words)

…& on Sunday, more of the same but with Indivisible Austin. there’s exactly one thing I want to do less than knock on strangers’ doors to talk politics.

that one thing is: regret not doing more for the 2018 election.

I’m volunteering to #TakeBackTheHouse on Saturday, Nov 3. join me!

there’s not just total chump incumbents to vote out because of their complicity and cowardice, there’s also some 100% great candidates to vote in. like these badasses. #beavoter

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