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I agree with the argument and conclusion Gruber lays out here regarding impeachment: DO IT.

Democrats tend to overthink things, to succumb to indecision… Fuck that. If the president has committed impeachable offenses it is Congress’s duty to impeach. It’s that simple.

I haven’t read any of the books in the Very Short Introductions series yet, though I had a couple on my list. I was perusing the full catalog today, & found it so fascinating. tempted to try to read them all! or else I may just read Nothing

one of the biggest bummers of the 2018 election results, despite the blue wave nationally, was the handful of truly great candidates in Texas that didn’t quite make it. Beto, obviously, but another was MJ. so happy she’s taking on that trash-bag John Cornyn

Untitled Art/Crooked Stave’s Coconut Cream Pie Blonde Stout

even aside from how the hell a bill could be unconstitutional, this is a chillingly autocratic rationale

“This resolution is an unnecessary, dangerous attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities…” Trump wrote in explaining his veto [on the bill to end US support for war in Yemen]

(from The Guardian)

when you order the cheapest used book you can find and it winds up being signed by the author (if barely) & has his business card tucked in the back 😎 📚

Great Divide’s Chocolate Cherry Yeti

come for the word “nobble”, stay for the excellent metaphor: Trump and his imitators are out to nobble the world’s referees

those with wealth or power see the rules, or the referees who enforce them, as an inconvenience, a restraint to be pushed out of the way

very happy to see no less a heavyweight than Zeldman on A List Apart discussing the problems of Twitter, as well as the solutions based on the open web. bravo. Nothing Fails Like Success (via @brentsimmons)

The Onion is almost always genuinely funny but this one made laugh out loud: Bird Reflects On Frailty, Impermanence Of Life After Finding Dead Human On Sidewalk


test post to verify my WordPress xmlrpc is working again after upgrading PHP to 7 like the dashboard kept nagging me to (the fix turned out to be apt-get install php7.0-xml). so, ok, indie social networking is kind of a PITA sometimes 😁

added to my to-read list: a new book from Mike Monteiro: Ruined By Design. as evidenced by the sample chapter (“Ayn Rand is a Dick”), it clearly (and typically for Monteiro) pulls zero punches (via Jen Myers’ email newsletter)

Jenny Lewis; what a voice, what a show.
@ ACL Live Moody Theater

just finished Russian Doll on Netflix, good stuff. best show we’ve seen in a while in the crowded romantic-buddy-dramedy-scifi-mystery-thriller genre

this Guardian story about Amazon shoppers misled by ‘bundled’ star-ratings and reviews illustrates one of the reasons I now only turn to Amazon and it’s horrible, user-hostile shopping experience as a last resort

Buffalo Bayou Brewing’s Red Velvet Stout

cold water/wisdom from Gin & Tacos:

If your reaction to the Mueller news is… anything other than “OK, this fits the well established pattern of Republicans & Donald Trump doing whatever the fuck they want & getting away with it,” you need to take a deep breath.

Founders Brewing’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout

beautiful day for my first visit to Laguna Gloria

I need the full earplug effect of in-ear earbuds in our occasionally loud open-plan office (i.e., my AirPods don’t cut it), but I think I’m giving up on this wireless pair from Aukey, which are awkward, clunky, & don’t fit well. back to wired for now. (on the plus side, I appreciate the elegant design & ease of use of my AirPods more than ever)

past the half-hour mark now on a slow-motion, three person Slack discussion. plenty of time waiting for “So-and-so is typing” to reflect on how this is so much better than having a dreaded… meeting 🙄

Harviestoun Brewery’s Ola Dubh 12 Year Special Reserve
⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3/3)

finally! it’s Tournament of Books day!! 📚

great in-store at Waterloo today, album release for the new Moving Panoramas CD

what a just fantastic show by Metric @ ACL Live 🎵

(512) Brewing’s Whiskey Barrel Aged Pecan Porter
⭐️⭐️__ (2/3)
#saturdaybeer #onafriday

Deep Ellum Brewing’s Four Swords
⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3/3)

just finished Anna Burns’ Milkman. haven’t enjoyed a book this thoroughly in a long time. the unique style might not be to everyone’s taste, but I fucking loved it. the story, the style, the characters, the insights… every page was a delight. a masterpiece. 📚

from a mosey today
@ Great Hills Park

Wasatch Brewery’s Bourbon Barrel Polygamy Porter
⭐️⭐️⭐️ (3/3)

quite an article, too:

“a mechanism for considering… whether his continued tenure in office poses a threat to the republic. Trump’s actions during his first two years in office clearly meet, and exceed, the criteria to trigger this fail-safe.”

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