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great interview. “In the early 70s, when I was more vulnerable in every way, it was really dangerous… I was an 18-year-old penniless girl in the middle of a dangerous city & I was never as afraid as these men in Texas, living in a state of terror”

“Cruz continued work with Cambridge Analytica for months after allegations surfaced that the Facebook data had been received illicitly. Recent revelations show the data harvesting was far more extensive… among the biggest privacy breaches in history.”

hey @amazon delivery drivers, buddies, especially in Austin when there’s a damn serial bomber on the damn loose: cool it with the drop & run. go ahead and ring the damn doorbell.

- love, people with video doorbells

dang frickin’ great: Very Bad Words, “the podcast about swearing and taboo language”

(via one of my long-time favorites, The Allusionist)

good day for a good game and a good result

Save the World’s Verbum in Tenebrio

A+++ would see live again

“And I’m not in favor of the “nice sandwich” approach to criticism. Fuck the nice sandwich. Fuck the false balance of “impartial” journalism. I just didn’t like it and it didn’t move me.”

holy cats, a barnburner of a judgment indeed. GOD I love the ToB.

Woman Who Just Moved to Austin Excited to Complain About SXSW for First Time “Sorry if you don’t get that joke,” she added. “It’s a local, inside joke, because there’s this TV show called Austin City Limits here.”

“there is no Collusion with an ancient Lovecraftian horror that thrives on psychic discord! Or Russia.”

watching the Letterman “Needs No Introduction” episode with Obama. what a heartbreak to know who followed this intelligent, self-aware, and kind man into the White House 💔

Save the World Brewing Co.’s Apocalypse Quadrapel Ale

that was a lot of fun

at last, it begins! “Every day for the next few weeks a judge will read two of these novels and select one to advance. Then another set of readers will offer commentary… Eventually one novel reigns supreme & we award its author a live rooster” #ToB18

fascinating story about workplace meditation and more at an Alaskan shipyard: “Vigor considers itself a second-chance employer, forgoing background checks and giving felons – and anyone else who has struggled in life – a fresh start”

Alaskan’s Baltic Porter

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