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yet another exhibit in the case for avoiding Amazon like the mess it is

Buffalo Bayou Brewing’s Joyful Almond
#saturdaybeer 🍺

McSweeney’s: We Need a Wizard Who Can Appeal to the Moderate Orc Voter

Of course, Saruman’s record isn’t perfect. He said at one time that Rings of Power were good for Elves. We know that’s an outdated attitude. But that was more than a thousand years ago.

thinking about subscribing to The Athletic, any existing readers out there have a referral code they’d like to share? ⚽️

this Russel Taine Jr. set was an American dream @ Hole in the Wall 🎵

chilling, from The Texas Observer

In the U.S., the Immigration Act of 1924 — which established the Border Patrol — was another piece of legislation based on the principles of racial purity and white supremacy. Hitler praised this law enthusiastically…

Real Ale Brewing’s 19th Anniversary Baltic Porter
#fridaybeer 🍺


Saint Arnold Brewing’s Cascara Coffee Stout
#saturdaybeer 🍺

Saint Arnold Brewing’s Comeback Wit (@ St Arnold’s beer garden)

Brooklyn Brewery’s Brooklyn Local 1
#saturdaybeer 🍺

wow. I knew it was bad but didn’t know it was that inarguably bad

This is literally textbook racism. The [EEOC] offers “Go back to where you came from” as its example of potentially unlawful harassment on the basis of national origin.


Los Campesinos! @ Mohawk Austin 🎵

guess this t-shirt I’ve been wearing out this last month needs replacing: NOT ENOUGH STARS ON THIS ONE, BABY! 🇺🇸⚽️🏆 (cf. this 2015 tweet 😊)

Urban Family Brewing’s Death to Cereal

agree 100%, it’s a slap in the women’s faces to have not one but two men’s confederation tournament finals the very same day as a World Cup final. the way Rapinoe says “which is like, the problem in this video clip could not capture the sentiment more perfectly

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (2018)
Happy Independence Day 🇺🇸 🍺

what a show
(Charly Bliss @ Stubb’s)

Straffe Hendrik Bruges Tripel Ale

Justice Elena Kagan on today’s tragic ruling: Is this how American democracy is supposed to work?

Indeed, the majority concedes (really, how could it not?) that gerrymandering is “incompatible with democratic principles.”

@ Pictograph Cave State Park, MT

Thirsty Street Brewing’s Good Times Belgian Blonde
#sundaybeer #worldcupbeer #airbnbdrinkware

Saint Arnold’s 25th Anniversary Grand Cru
🍻 ⚽️

laughing out loud at this new podcast: Two Girls World Cup, “an alternative take on the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup” indeed 😂 (the Total Soccer Show is another good one, as always, with their obsessively complete coverage) ⚽️

what an opener for the USA. I did want them to dominate Thailand, and boy did that wish come true. 😅 when the names of the goal scorers scrolled by at the end of the game, it looked like movie credits 🙈😆⚽️

The Bruery’s Or Xata
#WorldCupBeer #USA ⚽️

watched Phantom Menace tonight, planning to marathon them all before ep 9 comes out. and it is so bad. like, wow bad. bad writing, bad acting, bad… everything, actually. even having read this sympathetic account: nope. it is bad & I regret wasting 2 hours, 16 minutes on it

Full Sail Imperial Stout (2015)


wow. long but devastating: Uber’s Path of Destruction

Despite massive funding from… institutional investors, Uber depicted itself as the innocent victim—in­trepid programmers facing overwhelming disadvantages in their battle with the “evil taxi cartel” & corrupt regulators

coffee made, first full day of international soccer at the World Cup ahead, what more could I want? ⚽️ first up: GER 🇩🇪 v CHN 🇨🇳

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