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from one year ago today: Unhappy Inauguration Day. no surprise, it’s hard to maintain the energy from that time. but resistance, Indivisible in particular, is going strong and still needs every voice

need to do something about the bars on this inmate’s cell

agree with this: “you have to blog on your own domain. medium, facebook, linkedin, huffpo will do what are in their interests, not yours.”

“This is an unhealthy and dangerous dynamic, and it needs to change – but if our main approach is assigning facile labels to individuals rather than frankly examining root causes, it never will.” Guardian Opinion on the Aziz Ansari story

“Today is the day many American politicians pretend to care about the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr, one of the wisest souls who attempted to save this sorry nation. Don’t fall for their scams.”

Lakewood Brewing’s Saint Dymphna

our windows cast weird (and warm!) light reflections when the sun hits them right

here for this “A social network doesn’t have to be like this. is a way to post to a web site that you control, a place to discover & talk with other members of the community. is not a popularity contest“

yay, the Tournament of Books shortlist! now I have until 3/7 to read more entries than I usually do (average: approx. 0.214)

Goose Island’s Bourbon County Coffee Stout

Goose Island’s Bourbon County Stout

introducing: Tombo & Huxley

a holiday #musicMonday, a Christmas EP with no standards (more or less): A Los Campesinos! Christmas (2014)

we’ve used the Paprika apps on Mac and iOS for years, and really like them. the ability to scrape recipes from web pages is great, and syncing works great (it’s handy having the recipes with you at the store). both discounted through 12/31

8 Wired’s iStout

marathoning Lord of the Rings (extended edition, and at the Mrs.’ insistence nonetheless). it’s not perfect, but so much is so, so great. that Hobbit dumpster fire made me forget how fantastic this was

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