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when you discover that your wedding date (and time!) were foretold by Tolkien

we adopted a Badger (and a Challah, too, though they’re both getting new names)

man, time flies. can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving already

Could Texas turn blue in 2018? “stranger things have happened. In 1995, Donald Trump was a spokesman for Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza. Today he has access to America’s nuclear arsenal”

for #musicMonday, the 2016 self-titled album case/lang/veirs. standout track: Supermoon

this interesting Allusionist episode on Dickens’ A Christmas Carol prompted me to get the audiobook from the library. less than 3 hours, a good holiday road trip listen

from The A.V. Club: The 20 Best TV Shows of 2017. we’ve enjoyed Alias Grace, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Good Place, & Handmaid’s Tale; adding American Vandal, GLOW, The Deuce, Big Little Lies, & Halt & Catch Fire to our list

love a good rant-review, like this Esquire coverage of a Roy Moore rally: “It was a naked appeal to unreason. It was the Rose Parade of empowered ignorance. It was the Royal Wedding of Stupid and Mean” come on, Alabama, you can do it. elect the good one

for #musicMonday, LOLO’s 2016 album In Loving Remembrance of When I Gave a Shit. standout tracks: Heard It From a Friend; The Courtyard

Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout

problematic monument handled cleverly in small Italian town: “A sign of its success is that it almost completely failed to generate controversy, either nationally or locally.”

yikes. had this crash-repeatedly bug start happening in the middle of the night last night (waking us up repeatedly with the login screen). it’s hard to fix or upgrade your phone when it crashes every 2 minutes

got my ticket for a taping of Lovett or Leave It here in Austin next March

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