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a holiday #musicMonday, a Christmas EP with no standards (more or less): A Los Campesinos! Christmas (2014)

for #musicMonday, the 2016 self-titled album case/lang/veirs. standout track: Supermoon

for #musicMonday, LOLO’s 2016 album In Loving Remembrance of When I Gave a Shit. standout tracks: Heard It From a Friend; The Courtyard

a masterpiece for #musicMonday: Sleater-Kinney’s The Hot Rock (1999). standout tracks: End of You; Burn, Don’t Freeze

for #musicMonday, Paul Simon’s 1990 The Rhythm of the Saints. standout track: The Obvious Child

for #musicMonday, Foil Deer (2015) by Speedy Ortiz. standout track: Raising the Skate

for #musicMonday: Concrete Blonde’s 2006 best-of, Recollection. standout tracks: Bloodletting, Still in Hollywood

for #musicMonday: Midlake’s The Trials of Van Occupanther (2006). standout track: Roscoe

a post-ACLFest #musicMonday: Middle Kids’ self-titled EP (2017). standout track: Never Start

for #musicMonday before #ACLFest, First Aid Kit’s The Lion’s Roar (2012). standout tracks: Emmylou, The Lion’s Roar

#musicMonday Version 2.0 (1998) by Garbage. standout track: The Trick is to Keep Breathing

#musicMonday Zola Jesus’ Okovi (2017). standout tracks: Soak; Wiseblood

#musicMonday pick: Lone Justice’s Shelter (1986); standout track: Reflected (On My Side).

(this week’s pick brought to you, weirdly enough, by the movie It, or more specifically the novel It (also 1986). I listened to this album on nonstop repeat while reading that, and to this day these songs remind me of it.)

#musicMonday for #LaborDay: Wussy’s 2012 album Funeral Dress. standout tracks: Soak It Up; Crooked

#musicMonday Dulce Beat (2006) by Belanova. standout tracks: Miedo, Me Pregunto

#musicMonday Echo & the Bunnymen’s Songs to Learn and Sing (1985). standout tracks: Do It Clean, The Killing Moon

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