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too real: SNL on anticipating a blue wave 🌊

wow, the Houston Chronicle endorsed Beto

“Kay Bailey Hutchison… once reminded [us] that Cruz would have to decide where his loyalties lay: with Texans or obstructionist ideologues. Six years later, it’s obvious he’s decided.”

disgusting. Trump praises Gianforte for assault on Guardian reporter

“Trump’s comments mark the first time the president has openly and directly praised a violent act against a journalist on American soil.”

another day, another reason to love Beto

hilarious, Richard Linklater-directed anti-Cruz ad, “Tough as Texas?”. the last few words couldn’t be more perfectly delivered #ComeOnTed

WaPo: Vote ‘no’ on Kavanaugh

“He provided neither evidence nor even a plausible explanation for this red-meat partisanship, but he poisoned any sense that he could serve as an impartial judge.”

Heather Havrilesky, Mediocre White Man Falls Apart and Is Promptly Put Back Together:

“A woman who conducted herself in that manner couldn’t get an assistant-manager job at Forever21, let alone on the Supreme Court.”

I believe survivors.
I believe there’s got to be a better conservative nominee than this.
I believe I’ll work my ass off to elect Beto and defeat @TedCruz (& then you’re next, @JohnCornyn).

2/2: & at the risk of discouraging you: this is a long one, & hard to read at times. but if you truly wonder, “Why didn’t she say anything sooner?”, then this tragic story will 110% answer that question: What Do We Owe Her Now?

1/2: The Atlantic gives an overview of a key question intended to undermine the allegations against the nominee to a lifetime seat on our nation’s highest court: “Why didn’t she say anything sooner?”

The Onion, on Ted Cruz’s new look: “He’s honestly never looked better… Even with the stench of decomposition, most people we talk to remark upon how Sen. Cruz doesn’t make them feel as nauseous as he used to.”

…and the second: The Refugee Detectives – “Inside Germany’s high-stakes operation to sort people fleeing death from opportunists and pretenders”. no simple answers to tough, life-or-death problems

catching up on old issues of The Atlantic, a couple of really good articles from the April issue. first, The Last Temptation – the fascinating history & politics of Evangelical Christianity…

6%. tragic.

“With participation rates at such dire levels, politicians might be expected to try with equal urgency to boost voting. But at both national & Texas state level, the response from Republicans has been quite the opposite”


“The freedoms we have were purchased not just by those in uniform – & they definitely were – but also by those who took their lives into their hands riding those Greyhound buses, the Freedom Riders, in the deep south, in the 1960s”

from today’s Statesman:

We stand in solidarity today with the editorial boards of hundreds of U.S. newspapers defending the rigorous, truth-driven work by journalists & opposing Trump’s cynical efforts to dismiss that reporting as “fake news.”

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