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just found out our recent move changed our U.S. Rep! instead of far east Houston, now we’re far south Waco #gerrymanderingsucks

“Using gov’t data, doctors & academics conclude a lack of healthcare coverage increases the probability of death”

Gin & Tacos: “Like any election the media are desperate to have these races Mean Something. In reality they do not”

New Republic: “the process points to a belief that sunshine would kill any bill that reflects GOP priorities”

“treading on lawsuits the way a lumberjack of old walked across logs floating to the mill” savage & fantastic

his lies, laziness, & intellectual thefts aren’t surprising, and some are more trivial, but they’re still not okay

“don’t forget their favorite snacks, naptime is crucial, lots of picture books!” – traveling with toddlers or Trump

On Destroying Language

Masha Gessen, on The Autocrat’s Language:

[We] have to become guardians of our language. We have to keep it alive and working. That means being very intentional about using words. That means, for example, calling lies, “lies.” I am talking to you, National Public Radio, home to the word “misstatement,” among others. The NPR argument is that the definition of “lie” involves intent—a lie is a statement made with the intention to deceive—and NPR does not have conclusive information on Trump’s intent. The problem is, the euphemism “misstatement” clearly connotes a lack of intent—as though Trump simply took an accidental wrong step. But words exist in time: the word “misstatement” suggests a singular occurrence, thereby eliding Trump’s history of lying. The word “misstatement,” as applied to Trump, is, actually, a lie—as it is the lie that there are neutral words.

Using words to lie destroys language. Using words to cover up lies, however subtly, destroys language. Validating incomprehensible drivel with polite reaction also destroys language. This isn’t merely a question of the prestige of the writing art or the credibility of the journalistic trade: it is about the basic survival of the public sphere.

if you gave > 0.05% of a shit about the security of Clinton’s email server, plz come get your torch & pitchfork now

this 👏 man 👏 is 👏 unfit 👏 to 👏 be 👏 President

part of why I listen to the Lovett or Leave It podcast: bon mots like, “Donald Trump, who is an overflowing word toilet…”

a challenger in 2018 for Rep. Lamar Smith (TX-21) and his “McCarthy-like assault on science”

so @RepMcCaul, since I can’t call you: I’m one of your constituents & I want you to vote no on this awful, rushed, unneeded healthcare bill

hey @RepMcCaul I wonder if your challengers in 2018 (primary or Dem) will promise an office that can answer phones & keep voicemail working

…& though that Heineken ad is contrived & carefully edited, the potential of one-on-one conversation is for real

“the Trump Presidency has been a sort of Mr Magoo performance art” #DunningKruger

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