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remember those stories a few years ago about how organic food wasn’t “more nutritious”? of course it’s not, it was never supposed to be. but it is less tainted by poison, which is a good and cool thing for food to be

really interesting consideration of software not as craft, art, engineering, etc. I was really struck by this:

“The output of everything we do is some side effect on the world and the next version of ourselves.”

I’m volunteering on #TheLastWeekend before midterms. I want a blue wave, you want a blue wave, THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENS. not watching tweets or frowning at your computer screen. connecting with real people, in real life. this is it, let’s go.

bought a handful of @cardpool cards the other day, they all have $0 credit. multiple attempts to contact them have gone completely unanswered. an auto-reply email, a useless chatbot, and years-old FAQs; avoid this scammy ghost company at all costs

…adding: if you don’t use your library or haven’t been lately, you should check it out! (pun intended.) quiet workspace w/wifi (& no purchase expected); downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, & movies; branch transfers; it’s more than old cookbooks! but also: old cookbooks!

just now seeing some of the (intentional, I’m sure) uproar about libraries. spent a day last week reading & working @ Austin’s big beautiful new one; it was awesome. libraries are fucking magical, you keep your filthy damned capitalist hands off ’em

heard this as a substitute episode in another podcast, it’s odd and really really excellent: “S.E.I.N.F.E.L.D.” on Imaginary Advice. link to Soundcloud (bleh) here or search for it with your podcast app (which should be Overcast btw). 🎧

agree with this: “you have to blog on your own domain. medium, facebook, linkedin, huffpo will do what are in their interests, not yours.”

The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want To Be Accused of Sexual Harassment

versions of this story have been going around, for good reason. THIS is how we fight them, not with fists & clubs

please give this 11 minutes. whatever people claim they symbolize, the reason these CSA statues were put up is clear

pro-tips if you’re blocked by “please subscribe” interstitials by WaPo:

1. fucking subscribe to WaPo, wtf
2. just use private browsing ok

really gross, propaganda via conglomerate ownership of local TV if you watch or follow @cbsaustin … maybe stop. (Full list of Sinclair stations to avoid like the poison they are: on Wikipedia.)

…& though that Heineken ad is contrived & carefully edited, the potential of one-on-one conversation is for real

yes, it’s a 4-minute beer commercial made by a for-profit company to sell beer. but it ain’t bad, sociopolitically

we had our windows professionally cleaned because we’re putting our house up for sale, and they look frickin’ amazing. highly recommend

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