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for the inaugural New Tunes Tuesday 🎵 – Siouxsie & The Banshees’ Peepshow. I usually recommend just one or two tracks, but this classic album has a great, consistent creepy theme throughout.

New Tunes Tuesday

Some years ago I thought I’d start posting links to some favorite music in my music library. I called this #musicMonday, and some of it was on this site, some on Twitter, it went back and forth. I had fun doing it, but rarely got much “engagement” (pardon my language) on Twitter, and so felt like it was a failure or waste of time.

In my ongoing social network rehabilitation, I’m thinking just the first part of that previous sentence (“I had fun doing it”) is justification enough. And so I think I’ll try it again, see how it goes. In honor of the weekly unveiling of newly released music on WOXY (RIP), the coolest radio station in Cincinnati back when we lived there, I thought I’d rename it and shift it a day.

Despite the “new” in New Tunes Tuesday 🎵, my criteria is the same as before:

Not “new” as in recently released, necessarily, but more like “new to you”. Or possibly not either of those, maybe just a pointer to some good music that you’d forgotten about.

yet another exhibit in the case for avoiding Amazon like the mess it is

Buffalo Bayou Brewing’s Joyful Almond
#saturdaybeer 🍺

McSweeney’s: We Need a Wizard Who Can Appeal to the Moderate Orc Voter

Of course, Saruman’s record isn’t perfect. He said at one time that Rings of Power were good for Elves. We know that’s an outdated attitude. But that was more than a thousand years ago.

Nick Cave on Psychic Pathways

From Nick Cave’s fan-mail site, responding to a rude, “anonymous” question:

So, in the interests of free speech, George, I have given you a platform. However, and I am speculating here, I think that probably ninety-nine percent of the people who read your question will think that you are being, well, a bit of an asshole. I could be wrong. It could be more. Now, you may say “So what? No one knows who I am. How can this possibly hurt me?” You may say that. But you would be wrong. I do not believe that your anonymity protects you, any more than I believe the anonymity of the hate trolls on social media protects them. I feel that there are psychic pathways that exist between us all, and that the negativity we create eventually finds its way back to us.

The opportunity to act in a better way is one that is continuously afforded to us – to try to make the next thing we do the best thing, rather than the worst thing, the destructive thing. In this instance, George, it’s not too late for you. If you close your eyes and apologise to my fans, just maybe that negative attention will begin to dissipate. I think my fans are smart enough and sufficiently forgiving to understand that your words extend only to the margins of your own individual evolution.

thinking about subscribing to The Athletic, any existing readers out there have a referral code they’d like to share? ⚽️

this Russel Taine Jr. set was an American dream @ Hole in the Wall 🎵

chilling, from The Texas Observer

In the U.S., the Immigration Act of 1924 — which established the Border Patrol — was another piece of legislation based on the principles of racial purity and white supremacy. Hitler praised this law enthusiastically…

Real Ale Brewing’s 19th Anniversary Baltic Porter
#fridaybeer 🍺


a museum-worthy attitude

We went to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston this weekend, and it was great. I felt like we barely scratched the surface of the truly beautiful artworks on display there.

Yet I also often saw people sitting on benches in the galleries, staring at their phones. Not that it should be a phone-free place, at all. I took pictures of some pieces for myself, as well as sharing them via text with others. Maybe that made me less present, but I feel like that was okay, that it broadened the experience without pulling me all the way out of it.

But some of the folks I saw were doing the time-killing thing, staring blankly at their screens, thumbing idly through some feed or other. Which I won’t pretend that I don’t do sometimes, let alone claim it’s some horrible thing that nobody should ever do.


But maybe when you’re in the middle of one of the largest museums in the United States, with a permanent collection spanning more than 6,000 years of history, with some 64,000 works from six continents [citation provided], just maybe those Insta stories or tweets or even “breaking” news can wait for a little while. Maybe (certainly) I’m writing this to remind myself of this, for the next time, and the time after that, and not just when I’m in a world-class museum.

Leave your phone put away, and look around.

The Corn Poppy, by Kees van Dongen

The Corn Poppy, by Kees van Dongen

Saint Arnold Brewing’s Cascara Coffee Stout
#saturdaybeer 🍺

Saint Arnold Brewing’s Comeback Wit (@ St Arnold’s beer garden)

Brooklyn Brewery’s Brooklyn Local 1
#saturdaybeer 🍺

wow. I knew it was bad but didn’t know it was that inarguably bad

This is literally textbook racism. The [EEOC] offers “Go back to where you came from” as its example of potentially unlawful harassment on the basis of national origin.


Los Campesinos! @ Mohawk Austin 🎵

guess this t-shirt I’ve been wearing out this last month needs replacing: NOT ENOUGH STARS ON THIS ONE, BABY! 🇺🇸⚽️🏆 (cf. this 2015 tweet 😊)

Urban Family Brewing’s Death to Cereal

agree 100%, it’s a slap in the women’s faces to have not one but two men’s confederation tournament finals the very same day as a World Cup final. the way Rapinoe says “which is like, the problem in this video clip could not capture the sentiment more perfectly

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (2018)
Happy Independence Day 🇺🇸 🍺

what a show
(Charly Bliss @ Stubb’s)

Straffe Hendrik Bruges Tripel Ale

Justice Elena Kagan on today’s tragic ruling: Is this how American democracy is supposed to work?

Indeed, the majority concedes (really, how could it not?) that gerrymandering is “incompatible with democratic principles.”

@ Pictograph Cave State Park, MT

Thirsty Street Brewing’s Good Times Belgian Blonde
#sundaybeer #worldcupbeer #airbnbdrinkware

Saint Arnold’s 25th Anniversary Grand Cru
🍻 ⚽️

An Aftermath Hope from USA 13, Thailand 0

Reading this FiveThirtyEight article on the advancement (or lack thereof) of the women’s game (written prior to last night’s US-Thailand match), this caught my eye:

For Thailand, South Africa or Argentina, a win in the group stage — or even a goal or two — can help raise the profile of women’s soccer back home.

People rightly celebrated Argentina getting their first-ever World Cup point from their 0-0 draw with Japan. Hopefully that does raise the profile of the Argentine side back home.

But it also occurs to me that Thailand getting absolutely, completely, record-breakingly demolished by the US could serve to raise their profile, too, if in a different way. I don’t mean to claim the US purposefully hammered them for this reason; it’s certainly a silver-lining point of view. But just imagine what the heads of the Thai football association must be saying to each other today. Or even the heads of FIFA itself, as they prop up their feet on stacks of money and sip cocktails garnished with hundred-euro notes.

Maybe it’s something like: Ouch. What can we do to help keep that from happening again?

laughing out loud at this new podcast: Two Girls World Cup, “an alternative take on the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup” indeed 😂 (the Total Soccer Show is another good one, as always, with their obsessively complete coverage) ⚽️

what an opener for the USA. I did want them to dominate Thailand, and boy did that wish come true. 😅 when the names of the goal scorers scrolled by at the end of the game, it looked like movie credits 🙈😆⚽️

The Bruery’s Or Xata
#WorldCupBeer #USA ⚽️

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