#musicMonday Echo & the Bunnymen’s Songs to Learn and Sing (1985). standout tracks: Do It Clean, The Killing Moon

…trivia we noticed in Princess Kaguya: the English dub actors for bamboo cutter & his wife, Caan & Steenburgen – also the parents in Elf

summer of Miyazaki #15 (& last): The Tale of the Princess Kaguya (2013) – Ghibli, not by Miyazaki, but such a beautiful film. a favorite

summer of Miyazaki #14: The Wind Rises (2013) – another we hadn’t seen. good, if slow. without knowing the history, somewhat over our heads

summer of Miyazaki #13: From Up On Poppy Hill (2011) – we hadn’t seen this one before; it was interesting. a well-done romantic melodrama

ferocious. Tina Fey on this week’s Weekend Update, “sheetcaking is a grassroots movement, Colin”

versions of this story have been going around, for good reason. THIS is how we fight them, not with fists & clubs

please give this 11 minutes. whatever people claim they symbolize, the reason these CSA statues were put up is clear

#musicMonday Cool Choices (2014), latest by S. standout track: Vampires

pro-tips if you’re blocked by “please subscribe” interstitials by WaPo:

1. fucking subscribe to WaPo, wtf
2. just use private browsing ok

in case you felt at all bad for the Google anti-diversity memo guy, or thought he somehow wasn’t a total shitbag

Quora answer on biology of that anti-diversity screed: “the argument in the document is, overall, despicable trash”

this blew my mind “draft broadly & iterate, or take one chapter or feature & make it perfect before adding others?”

#musicMonday Clueless soundtrack (1995). skip Counting Crows but 2nd half is good 90s; start with Need You Around

dumb time zone mistake made me miss the first half (& 4 goals!), but all’s well that ends well: a deserved trophy for #NED in #EURO2017

ordered some eclipse shades. Amazon’s a wasteland of knock-off junk, or sold out; this place seems legit.

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