fascinating example of implicit bias in reporting on the #WorldCup teams from Africa:

“If you take away the words “pace” and “power” from writers and commentators, they would be utterly lost trying to describe black players.”

trying to unplug completely when I’m watching #WorldCup games each day, but the heavy rotation of Slack ads during halftimes are stressing me out. OMG LEAVE ME ALONE FOR A TWO MINUTES SLACK

Hop Along @ Barracuda

Unibroue’s Grand Réserve 17

having fun writing spoiler-free coverage of #WorldCup games (and glad to be watching a good game after the two less-than-gripping ones earlier)

Harpoon’s Super Dark

Hello, World (Cup)

Nice story by Roger Bennett, of “Men In Blazers”: HELLO, WORLD – Soccer in the U.S. doesn’t need a team in the World Cup. It’s already here to stay:

So even without the Yanks in Russia, America will be watching. Yes, we will be deprived of giddy collective moments such as when Landon Donovan smote Algeria, but take it from me, an Englishman, whose team failed to qualify for two World Cups in my lifetime — in Argentina 1978 and in the United States in 1994 — that won’t ruin it at all. Those tournaments turned out to be the two most enjoyable World Cups of my youth. Being able to watch and savor without the impending failure of my team hanging over the whole thing was like being freed from a sporting Sword of Damocles.

This your permission note, then, to cut work for a month, America. Do what you do better than any nation in the world: Savor the circus. Slink out of your cubicles en masse. Day drink. Watch, revel and inhale the World Cup in its full glory. It is the world’s greatest telenovela, replete with Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, heroes, villains, echoes of wars past, dodgy haircuts and Fortnite goal celebrations. And it will be on televisions across our nation. Even in the rural bars of Maine.

Way ahead of you, Rog, on the cutting work for a month, but just as excited. Let’s go.

Speedy Ortiz, amazing as always 🎵

great set by Anna Burch (do yourself a favor: “Tea-Soaked Letter”)

Founders Brewing’s Dankwood
⭐️__ __

attn: fellow micro.bloggers – I’m experimenting with another account for soccer-specific (really, for now, World Cup-specific) posts: @VioletCrownSoccer

Karbach’s Bourbon Barrel Hellfighter
#saturdaybeer (on Sunday)

new Neko Case? yes, please 🎶

903 Brewers’ Bordeaux Barrel Aged Imperial Stout

Rebecca Solnit: “If someone had pitched [the current situation of the U.S.] for a thriller novel or film a few years ago, they would’ve been laughed out of whatever office their proposal made it to because fiction ought to be plausible”

new podcast to start getting hyped for the World Cup next month: We Came to Win. here’s hoping the rest of the episodes are even half as good as the first one

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