a few great stories about Uncle Lamar from @MassiveReport #SaveTheCrew

will be happy to have a team here again someday; less so if it costs Columbus theirs. Team Relocations Past & Future

Or… maybe not such good luck

a sign of good luck for tomorrow’s game? of all the hotels in Seattle, FC Dallas is staying in the same one we are! #DTID


The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want To Be Accused of Sexual Harassment

a post-ACLFest #musicMonday: Middle Kids’ self-titled EP (2017). standout track: Never Start

The Musketeers’ “Troubadour Stout”
⭐️__ __
#saturdaybeer #onfriday

fascinating, from the Washington Post: “there are simply not enough Americans who want the type of jobs he offers”

turned on England game, at Wembley; clearly-visible gridiron lines on the field. WHEN will soccer finally make it in that country?! 😂

Gessen, on Las Vegas: “The fact that people are terrorized doesn’t necessarily mean that an act of terror has been committed. This matters, because language matters.”

summer of Miyazaki postscript – this charming video of various Ghibli characters and scenes, superimposed on real video

for #musicMonday before #ACLFest, First Aid Kit’s The Lion’s Roar (2012). standout tracks: Emmylou, The Lion’s Roar

Avery Brewing’s Collaboration Not Litigation Ale

diapers, broken glass, cigarette butts, wine corks, rope, garden hoses (plural!) — I never get invited to the good parties

#musicMonday Version 2.0 (1998) by Garbage. standout track: The Trick is to Keep Breathing

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