ha ha, too perfect. “could face more than a year of prison time & a $5k fine”




for #musicMonday: Metric’s Synthetica (2012) http://spoti.fi/2nD1KUb standout track: Youth Without Youth

2/2 @RobQuistforMT, Dem candidate in Montana special election sounds great. I threw him a few $$ & you should, too http://bit.ly/2n9Jdxx

1/2 “He’s running in part on his public service record” http://huff.to/2mcvRhJ read that, this folk singer is legit more qualified than 45

“the deeply unsettling comment… inspired more horror than any remarks she has made” http://bit.ly/2nejYeh

2/2 …is this how people who are clinically dead but then get resuscitated feel

spilled a glass of water *all over* my open Macbook last night. wouldn’t even turn on… but I ran a fan on it overnight & now it seems fine

PSA: unless a city isn’t well known, or shares a name with others, no need to specify the state. i.e., just “Dallas”, not “Dallas, TEXAS” 👍

for #musicMonday: Run the Jewels 3, by Run the Jewels (2016) http://spoti.fi/2hoUWGS standout track: Call Ticketron

💥 “mapdrawers acted w/impermissible intent to dilute minority voting strength or otherwise violated 14th Amendment” http://bit.ly/2ng95Wh

Let us put men & women together
See which 1 is smarter
Some say men, I say no
Women run the men like a puppet show

…the video for that song was the 2nd ever played on MTV, 8/1/81 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvSbQB6-UdY it was all downhill from there for that channel

#musicMonday pick: Pat Benatar’s Crimes of Passion (1980) http://spoti.fi/2lOcQjD standout track: You Better Run

“a valid analogy can be made to Nazi Germany without extermination camps bellowing human ash into the sky” http://bit.ly/2mFVp6x

Podcast Rec: “Still Processing”

I gave a listen to a few episodes of the Still Processing podcast, and really enjoyed them. The hosts have a great rapport, as well as points of view I don’t always hear that often. I’ll let the blurb from the Guardian article where I learned of it make the pitch:

This weekly confab between Pulitzer-winning critic Wesley Morris and his friend and fellow New York Times writer Jenna Wortham is not, strictly speaking, all about politics. So what are they still processing? Being black in America, for starters. Also: queer life, anything inspiring/troublesome in pop culture, Beyoncé v Adele and more. Times colleagues make frequent appearances, and the duo also take the occasional field trip. (If ever there was the correct use of the word “poignant”, it would be to describe their tour of the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture – or the Blacksonian, as they dubbed it.)

That “Blacksonian” episode (it’s from Oct. 6, 2016, if you’re searching by date in a podcast app) was a good one, as was the Feb. 2 episode, “You Only Leave Home When Home Won’t Let You Stay”. But they’re not all big, heavy themes; the latest episode is an Oscars preview. It’s good stuff, check it out.

P.S. Pod Save America, also listed in that Guardian piece (“four former Obama aides… usher in the [Trump] era”) is another good one.

“the entirety of the liberal-governing experiment of past four centuries involves checks on what you get away with” http://theatln.tc/2m5qaVI

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