utterly damning summary from The New Yorker:

“The President of the United States knowingly & eagerly participated in a scheme with a hostile foreign leader who he knew was seeking to influence the Presidential election.”

Founders’ Canadian Breakfast Stout
#saturdaybeer #mlscup 🍺

tonight’s the night: the championship match of the top soccer league in the U.S.: MLS Cup. tune in to regular Fox at 7 CT to see 70k fans going nuts in the brand new, sold-out stadium in Atlanta

recommended: good gifts & fresh pecans at the seasonal 38 Pecans shop in northwest Austin 👍

man it’s so great how we have limited meetings at my company! really frees my time to –checks Slack– conduct six simultaneous, asynchronous, & disconnected Slack conversations strung out across the entire frickin’ day

this is it, the Big 0x32.

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (2018)
#birthdaybeer 🍺

Wimberley Brewing Co’s Ghirardelli’s Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
#saturdaybeer 🍺

Rahr & Sons’ Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Warmer

not to brag (yes to brag) but I’ve received 0 (zero) “Black Friday” emails this year 😎 #unsubscribe

appreciating English sports coverage, even on a day with no football

“there’s one thing that unites us all…” classic SNL: Thanksgiving miracle (from 2015!)

The Guardian: Is Donald Trump an authoritarian? tl;dr – yeah, pretty much

Northstar’s Imperial Porter

(P.S. I’ve started using Untappd, too; cgraysontx if you’re on there)

view from the balcony
#OtelloATX 🎵

the show before the show, a “staged concert” performance of Otello, with the orchestra & choir right onstage with @austinopera performers 🎵

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