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wow, the Houston Chronicle endorsed Beto

“Kay Bailey Hutchison… once reminded [us] that Cruz would have to decide where his loyalties lay: with Texans or obstructionist ideologues. Six years later, it’s obvious he’s decided.”

disgusting. Trump praises Gianforte for assault on Guardian reporter

“Trump’s comments mark the first time the president has openly and directly praised a violent act against a journalist on American soil.”

St. Arnold’s Divine Reserve ‘18

another day, another reason to love Beto

five years ago today I started a goofy project that I thought would never be more than a short-lived lark that nobody but me would read or like. and I was right. 😃 An Unicks Bestiary

hilarious, Richard Linklater-directed anti-Cruz ad, “Tough as Texas?”. the last few words couldn’t be more perfectly delivered #ComeOnTed

Brewtorium’s Brewtoberfest, canned in a #crowler for me yesterday

lots of music being streamed free from this weekend’s ACL Festival on Red Bull TV. bonus: there’s a Red Bull TV channel on Roku

WaPo: Vote ‘no’ on Kavanaugh

“He provided neither evidence nor even a plausible explanation for this red-meat partisanship, but he poisoned any sense that he could serve as an impartial judge.”

Heather Havrilesky, Mediocre White Man Falls Apart and Is Promptly Put Back Together:

“A woman who conducted herself in that manner couldn’t get an assistant-manager job at Forever21, let alone on the Supreme Court.”

The Decemberists @ Bass Concert Hall

Texas Craft Beer Festival

Lola Tried @ Texas Craft Beer Fest


today’s the day! buy some music & help protect voting rights. for me that was the brand new Joy Formidable and the latest Lola Tried & Waxahatchee releases 🎵

I believe survivors.
I believe there’s got to be a better conservative nominee than this.
I believe I’ll work my ass off to elect Beto and defeat @TedCruz (& then you’re next, @JohnCornyn).

great excuse to buy some new music on Friday:

“we’ll donate 100% of our share of the proceeds to the Voting Rights Project, a program led by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law to advance & protect the right to vote”

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