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The Guardian: Is Donald Trump an authoritarian? tl;dr – yeah, pretty much

Northstar’s Imperial Porter

(P.S. I’ve started using Untappd, too; cgraysontx if you’re on there)

view from the balcony
#OtelloATX 🎵

the show before the show, a “staged concert” performance of Otello, with the orchestra & choir right onstage with @austinopera performers 🎵

DVR set: Janelle Monáe on Austin City Limits. looks like a similar set as what she performed at ACLFest; looking forward to seeing it again 🎵

SNL: HuckaPM

“People are always asking me, “how do you sleep at night?” In fact they scream it at me all day long.”

Gin & Tacos, on why I’m sad:

“You wanted to see some evidence that corruption, venality, bigotry, and proud ignorance are deal-breakers for the vast majority of Americans. And now you’re sad because it’s obvious that they aren’t.”

that Texas movie last night, where a band of smart, scrappy, & charming upstarts took on the status quo and up against long odds took on a bunch of greedy & unpleasant villains who’d cheated their way into power, well, #spoiler but that ending really sucked

too real: SNL on anticipating a blue wave 🌊

Boulevard’s Bourbon Barrel Quad

just finished The Sisters Brothers, a book I liked so much the first time that I not only intended to reread it, I actually did! Just in time for the movie to be gone from theaters, lol/sob. but what a great book, I enjoyed it as much as I remembered. 📚

went out canvassing with the missus this morning in northwest Austin, & then who do we see doing the same at our neighbor’s this afternoon but @manton himself 💪🗳🇺🇸


@ Epoch Coffee for NaNoWriMo, day 1
(kind of; going for 50 hours of revision rather than 50,000 words)

…& on Sunday, more of the same but with Indivisible Austin. there’s exactly one thing I want to do less than knock on strangers’ doors to talk politics.

that one thing is: regret not doing more for the 2018 election.

I’m volunteering to #TakeBackTheHouse on Saturday, Nov 3. join me!

there’s not just total chump incumbents to vote out because of their complicity and cowardice, there’s also some 100% great candidates to vote in. like these badasses. #beavoter

Courtney Barnett 🙌

I do, for real, have a winning Mega Millions ticket.

your respect for our privacy at this time is appreciated. I swore this wouldn’t change who I am. after having a little fun with it, I plan to put the remainder of my $4 back into the world to help others. god bless

my favorite performance of my favorite song by (one of) my favorite bands: Wussy, Teenage Wasteland

Deschutes’ The Abyss
#saturdaybeer 🍺

wow, the Houston Chronicle endorsed Beto

“Kay Bailey Hutchison… once reminded [us] that Cruz would have to decide where his loyalties lay: with Texans or obstructionist ideologues. Six years later, it’s obvious he’s decided.”

disgusting. Trump praises Gianforte for assault on Guardian reporter

“Trump’s comments mark the first time the president has openly and directly praised a violent act against a journalist on American soil.”

St. Arnold’s Divine Reserve ‘18

another day, another reason to love Beto

five years ago today I started a goofy project that I thought would never be more than a short-lived lark that nobody but me would read or like. and I was right. 😃 An Unicks Bestiary

Austin, TX – #nofilter

hilarious, Richard Linklater-directed anti-Cruz ad, “Tough as Texas?”. the last few words couldn’t be more perfectly delivered #ComeOnTed

Janelle Monae, life-sized & big screened

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