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finished Functional Thinking by Neal Ford for yesterday’s @atxcompbookclub. I found juggling examples in several different languages to be more work than it was worth, but as an intro, background, & argument in favor of functional programming, it nailed it. 📚

6%. tragic.

“With participation rates at such dire levels, politicians might be expected to try with equal urgency to boost voting. But at both national & Texas state level, the response from Republicans has been quite the opposite”

…then we watched Deadpool 2 tonight, obviously a very different style, but even with lower stakes I felt like it had more emotional impact

Bosteels’ Pauwel Kwak

& I’m sure this is naive foolishness, but I wish the stakes didn’t have to be higher every. single. time. how about a hero preventing an assassination or a subway bombing or something, instead of saving THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE & ALL (or 50% of) LIFE WITHIN IT

finally saw Avengers: Infinity War (at the dollar theater, because MoviePass sucks and didn’t support any of the several, not-brand-new movies we were up for), and: I didn’t love it. maybe if it had 18 more characters & 6 more climactic fight scenes

I read the news today, oh boy


“The freedoms we have were purchased not just by those in uniform – & they definitely were – but also by those who took their lives into their hands riding those Greyhound buses, the Freedom Riders, in the deep south, in the 1960s”

in which I try to process my city (maybe) gaining a team while another city (maybe) loses theirs, and the range of emotions therewith: Relocation Grudges Past & Future ⚽️

remember those stories a few years ago about how organic food wasn’t “more nutritious”? of course it’s not, it was never supposed to be. but it is less tainted by poison, which is a good and cool thing for food to be

from today’s Statesman:

We stand in solidarity today with the editorial boards of hundreds of U.S. newspapers defending the rigorous, truth-driven work by journalists & opposing Trump’s cynical efforts to dismiss that reporting as “fake news.”

interesting and level-headed analysis by Pete Reid on today’s historic council decision for #MLS2ATX:

“with that sort of settlement, Austin gets a team immediately, and the Crew would be #saved.”


that article by Stephen Miller’s uncle is great.

“Laws bereft of justice are the gateway to tyranny… the normalization of these policies is rapidly eroding the collective conscience of America.”

really interesting consideration of software not as craft, art, engineering, etc. I was really struck by this:

“The output of everything we do is some side effect on the world and the next version of ourselves.”

Karbach’s Bourbon Barrel Hellfighter ⭐️⭐️⭐️

I’m volunteering on #TheLastWeekend before midterms. I want a blue wave, you want a blue wave, THIS IS HOW IT HAPPENS. not watching tweets or frowning at your computer screen. connecting with real people, in real life. this is it, let’s go.

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